Why We’re Here

We’re here for three reasons – – To help your business grow. To develop strong team members. And, to give back to the community.

Good for Businesses

We treat every client like they’re our first. This means consistent communication with both follow-up and check-ins. Generating growth requires a team effort, and we want to keep clients updated with what’s going on. This also ensures that the final product is exactly what the client envisioned, not something that Goldiata Creative decided to push forward with.

Often, companies are too busy working on day-to-day tasks and lose sight of the bigger picture. We’re able to help guide clients from A-Z by identifying the steps that need to be taken in the interim. Growth from 1 to 100 employees doesn’t happen overnight. We identify which marketing tools and tactics clients need to utilize when to achieve their ultimate dreams.

Good for Community

The foundation of Goldiata Creative lies in community involvement and volunteering. Since the company was started, the idea has been to use our network and opportunity to spread the wealth. This means participation with programs that are aimed at benefiting Baltimore City Public Schools. The ultimate goal is to build an after school center for these children to learn and get involved with the creative arts.

Positively effecting the community also means training employees with the skills they need to succeed. As the company continues to grow, the emphasis remains on providing a balanced work-life experience for the team. Understanding everyone has goals outside of the office, we strive to help one another get to their desired destination.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services for our clients from brand and marketing strategy to the full spectrum of online marketing.

Brand Strategy


Website Development


Online Advertising


Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Marketing Analytics


Our Team

We take pride in our work, but above all else, we love what we do. Each of us brings our own quirks to the table which is what makes us so damn lovable. And the cherry on top, we’re a certified minority-owned marketing agency.

Brian Taylor | Head of Strategy

Brian’s background in athletics gives him the chip on his shoulder to go full throttle. An underdog mentality combined with unrelenting perseverance is what motivates him to deliver the best for his clients. That and wanting to not be fired. Brian’s true passion lies in giving back to the community. Whether it’s volunteering or mentoring, he wants to give the same back to others that he has received in his past.


Alyssa Resnick | Marketing Specialist

Alyssa is a second semester senior at the University of Maryland studying strategic communication. A dedicated and hard worker, Alyssa is a jack-of-all-trades who aspires to learn and is never afraid to ask questions. When she isn’t creating media content or developing ad campaigns, you can find Alyssa outside in the sun or trying new food places with friends.


Paul Bianco | Head of Creative

Paul’s natural understanding of technology and problem solving make him an ideal resource for clients to help translate their vision into something that looks super sweet. He’s a high-energy guy that fuels and inspires the Goldiata team. Designing for over 15 years, he’s become pretty awesome at nearly all things design. When Paul’s not “working” (he’s always working), he’s enjoying a beer or has his knees in the breeze (motorcycle rider). Seriously, the guy never stops.


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