How Tanya Went from Closed Due to COVID to “Overwhelmed” with New Appointments

…and how you can have the same BOOM of new business, even in the face of a pandemic (complete with a FREE “how-to” guide.)

Like most businesses, when the Coronavirus pandemic started picking up steam, Tanya’s business was hit. And she was hit HARD.

All in-person visits ceased immediately. And when you’re a dermatologist, that’s basically your entire business.

What worried Tanya the most though was not that her business was now at serious risk with no light at the end of the tunnel. But that her staff and their families, as well as her patients with serious conditions now had nowhere to turn.

That’s the type of stress only business owners can truly relate to. Needing to keep the business alive, support your staff members, and provide for your customers. Not to mention, you have your own children at home to feed!

Because of the virus they had to close down for weeks, the number of booked appointments they had dropped substantially, and the traffic to their website crashed.

With businesses in Dallas getting ready to re-open, Tanya felt she had to get it right, or risk suffering a permanent loss in business. She needed to find a way to not just bring in new patients, but to let their current patients know it was safe to return.

Dr. Rodgers was planning on sending a standard email blast letting her patients know about their Coronavirus update. We’ve all received tons of these update emails, and already know exactly what that message looks like:

“Here’s how we’re taking precautions…”

“At times like this, safety is everything…”

There’s nothing wrong with those emails. BUT, you can drive a flood of new business WHILE also letting them know you’re taking the right precautions.

It doesn’t need to be an either or decision. And you don’t have to simply follow the status quo.

We ended up sending out 1 email blast for Tanya’s practice, Skin Specialists. That 1 email included the 4 proven psychological triggers of influence:

Likeness, Proof, Urgency and Scarcity.

Examples of how to implement these same, easy-to-use triggers are included in our free eBook, 5 Ways to Double Sales.

While we felt like the email would be successful, we had no way to predict exactly what happened next…


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Over the next 24 hours, Skin Specialists had so many booked appointments, that they had to shut down their online scheduler.

Within the first hour, the team received over 50 online bookings and over 60 calls and texts.

The results from that 1, single email loaded with persuasion was a complete shift in our re-opening strategy.

We were also going to do a blast on social media and possibly another email send out. But because we booked so many appointments so quickly…. That was put on hold…

The Coronavirus has taken a lot from business owners, and has put many in a challenging position. At the same time, it has presented a very rare opportunity for a massive spike in business.

If planned correctly, a business’s reopening can result in a BOOM of both new and returning business.

So before simply following the “standard” approach to re-opening from the quarantine, think about your message. Think about how can you increase the urgency of people using your product or service, while also letting them know you’re keeping them safe.

Dr. Rodgers put it best in her email when she was referring our agency to her friends. The “small tweaks” in marketing communication can result in “explosive reception” from your clients, customers, patients and/or prospects.

So, you can follow the trend and send a standard email letting people know how you’re keeping your space clean. Or, you could do a basic social media post letting people know you’re now open for business.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you want to take this once in a decade opportunity to expand your business, take a concept or two from 5 Ways to Double Sales and put it to work.

It’s a free guide full of the same battle-tested strategies we’ve used to help businesses like Skin Specialists experience incredible growth. And it will give you guidance on how you can increase the effectiveness of your message.

We’re wishing you safety and prosperity during these times!

P.S. if you’d rather not use the plug-and-play strategies in the eBook, and rather have somebody simply do all of this marketing stuff for you, you can always claim a free 30-minute strategy session too. If having digital experts give you a free marketing plan may be of interest to you, you can learn more about that here.

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