3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Designer

Hire a Professional Designer

For large corporations, start-ups, and everything in between, having strong graphic design is a crucial part of a company’s foundation. These designs come in various shapes, colors and sizes. It could be a new company logo, or a smaller thank you card for clients. If the creative piece is used online or in print format will dictate layout, color values, and material.

So, how you do go about the design process? There are many online resources available that will give you the tools to create on your own, or to hire a freelancer. While this is often a much cheaper option, the core elements of your brand can be lost in the process. Another option is hiring a professional designer who you can work with in-person on a regular basis. There are a number of reasons why your first consideration should be partnering with a professional designer.

Quality and Consistency

Since you want the best designs, it’s smart to hire the best people. Using online tools to do the work for yourself opens up the possibility that you won’t be able to translate the vision you have in mind to pixels. An experienced designer will have the knowledge and experience, making it easier for them to convey the thoughts in your mind into a working product. And because of their skillset and training, they’re also able to offer additional insights you may not have considered.

Using an online freelancer is a great option for many businesses that are just starting up. But, it’s important to understand that by using an online freelancer, you will be sacrificing the ability to communicate in person, increasing the risk that ideas are lost in translation. With an in-person discussion, the designer is able to pick up on your non-verbal cues and tones in your voice. These added elements of understanding combined with brand guidelines will ultimately result in a product that is more consistent with the brand and closer to your vision.

Making a Statement

Imagine this, your website has been active for a long time, and you’re beginning to feel that it has become outdated. Or, you’ve been using the same in-store materials all season, and would like a fresh look for the next quarter. The next step is to revamp your design and relaunch the marketing.

It’s the perfect opportunity to make a statement, but it will take a lot of time and effort to pull off. Having a designer act as a consultant will put those hours of thought to good use. Instead of creating a design in a vacuum, a face-to-face conversation revolving around your past efforts, current goals, and current messaging will allow the next wave of graphics to really hit home with the consumer.

Importance of the Logo

When you think of a company or product, the first that comes to mind is often the logo. Think of some of the iconic logos that exist: Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike. These logos represent more than just their icons, they evoke emotions and feelings towards the company.

Logos are the most identifiable visual cue, building the connection between a company and the consumer. Given the importance of creating a memorable, trademark logo, nailing it the first go around is imperative. A designer who’s in touch with the organization’s leadership team is better suited to communicate the ideals of the company through the logo than someone behind a computer screen miles away. A freelancer may be able to create a great logo design, but will it be an accurate representation of what your company is?

The biggest benefit of using an in-person, professional designer versus an online freelance or do-it-yourself tool is brand consistency. It’s detrimental to companies to have graphics that don’t speak to their core values and message. When undertaking your next design task, consider the pros and cons of using an online vendor versus an in-person designer. Depending on your company, one option may be better suited for you than the other.

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